Chris Richardson is a professional keyboard player, composer, trumpet player and producer. 

Chris draws on a number of different styles and influences to create a unique sound that comes across through his compositions and his soloing ability.

He grew up in basingstoke and developed a love of music through playing in brass bands. He started playing both cornet and keyboard from an early age and developed in both equally. Growing up in basingstoke, he was a member of Hampshire county youth band and progressed to become principle cornet in his last year before leaving for university. At this time he was also doing a diploma in piano which he achieved with distinction. He then left basingstoke to study physics at the university of bath. During his time in bath he became increasingly interested in jazz harmony, improvisation and in music production. This passion for music overcame an interest in physics and he left to work on cruise ships as a keyboard player. Currently Chris is living in London, playing with several different bands and writing and producing original music.

Here are some artist’s Chris works with currently:

Bobby Noble

Elena Flury

Eden Lole

Jim ‘Creature’ Cornillisen

Here are tracks that Chris plays on